Talpona Beach, Goa, India, 2015

Talpona Beach is the third southernmost beach in Goa and there is not much tourism nor travellers on that beach, which makes it a very peaceful and quiet beach. It is located in-between Raj Baga Beach and Galgibaga Beach. See all the other Goan beaches in the article All the Goan beaches.

This Finnish article about all the Goan beaches, named Kaikki Goan rannathas got links to travel guides to all the Goan beaches. Take a look.

Other South Goan delights you will find here.

Talpona Beach, Goa, India, 2015
Talpona Beach, Goa, India, 2015

Talpona Beach sijaitsee Etelä-Goassa Raj Baga Beachin ja Galgibaga Beachin välissä, eikä siellä ole juurikaan turismiaktiviteettia. Lue lisää Talpona Beachista suomeksi täällä!


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