Colomb Beach and Patnem Beach in Goa, India

Patnem and Colomb Beach, Goa, India

Patnem Beach is a nice small beach in South Goa. Very neat and clean in March 2015. Few beach shacks and sunbeds. Peaceful atmosphere. Within a short walking distance from Patnem Beach was the Colomb Beach, and in that shack there I had the best fresh salad in Goa during winter 2015. Can’t remember the name of the shack, but you can see the shack in Colomb Beach from the photo attached. The photo has been taken from Patnem Beach.

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Colomb Beach, Goa, India
Patnem and Colomb Beach, Goa, India 2015

Colomb Beach on pienen pieni ranta Etelä-Goassa, lähes kiinni Patnemin rannassa. Lue lisää Colomb Beachista suomeksi täällä!

Lisätietoa Patnem Beachista löydät tästä linkistä!

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