Indivue, the virtual travel guide, now also in Tripadvisor

Indivue has been blogging about trips and travelling, especially from India and Goa, already for some ten years and you can find these articles related to trips and travels under category Virtual travel guide.

At the moment you will find most of the articles in Finnish from the following link Virtuaalinen matkaopas .


In order to help and inspire its readers more, you can now find Indivue also in Tripadvisor, where Indivue continues sharing information and reviews of for example Finnish and Indian restaurants, as well as hotels and other sights globally, and mostly in English.

The reason for choosing English language, all though it might sound broken so many times, and Tripadvisor, is for example that Indivue hopes more tourists to come and visit Finland, which is from where Indivue originates from.

Indivue Tripadvisorissa