People and street life of Berlin

Street dance in Berlin

(Updated 4/2023)

Berlin is a bustling and diverse city with a vibrant street life. The streets of Berlin are filled with people from all walks of life, and there is always something to see and do. Here’s a photocollection of people in Berlin. These photos are unstaged, presenting the genuine street life of Berlin very much the way I saw it one random summer day in July.

Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Skydiving in Berlin
Skydiving in Berlin
Art market Berlin
Art market Berlin
Motorcycles in Berlin
Working men in Berlin
Working men
Feeding the birds in Berlin
Feeding the birds
People on two wheels in Berlin
Street dance in Berlin
Street dance in Berlin

Some aspects of street life in Berlin

  • Street art: Berlin is known for its street art scene, and you will find a lot of amazing murals and graffiti throughout the city. Some of the most famous street art can be found in the neighborhoods of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Mitte.
  • Street performers: Berlin has a thriving street performance scene with musicians, dancers, and other artists performing in public spaces. You can find street performers in busy areas such as Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz and the East Side Gallery.
  • Food markets: Berlin is home to several food markets that offer a variety of street food from all around the world. Some of the most popular food markets are Street Food Thursday, Markthalle Neun and Street Food auf Achse.
  • Flea markets: Berlin has several flea markets where you can find all kinds of vintage and second-hand items. Some of the most famous flea markets are Mauerpark Flea Market, Nowkoelln Flowmarkt and Boxhagener Platz Flea Market.
  • Nightlife: Berlin has a legendary nightlife scene, and many clubs and bars spill out onto the streets. You can find people partying in the streets of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain until the early hours of the morning.


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