Chapora Fort in North Goa is also known from Bollywood

Chapora Fort is a fortress on the hill of Chapora in North Goa and the name of Chapora was given to the fort by the Portuguese. The fortress was built a few hundred years ago and today there are only ruins left.

The Fort is a great afternoon trip destination for Goa travelers. The sunset view is great from top of the Chapora hill. You will also get to see Vagator beach in the South and Morjim beach in the North of Goa.

Fort Chapora wall in North Goa
Fort Chapora wall in North Goa in 2006
Chapora Fort wall and hill at dusk
Chapora Fort wall and the hillside at dusk
North Goan hills near Chapora
North Goan hills and palm trees near Chapora
View from Fort Chapora towards Morjim
Chapora hill and view of Morjim Beach in North Goa
View from Fort Chapora towards Anjuna
Chapora hill and the view towards Anjuna hill in Goa
View from Fort Chapora towards sunset
Fort Chapora and view of Vagator Beach at sunset

Fort Chapora has also become famous in India for the Bollywood film Dil Chahta Hai from 2001. Dil Chahta Hai is one of the best movies filmed in Goa.

Next you can watch a short video of Fort Chapora in North Goa made by me –

Short video of Fort Chapora

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You can read about this Chapora Fort also in Finnish!

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