Today’s video tells you about a nice café terrace right in the centre of Helsinki, Finland.

Interestingly, some 8 years ago I wrote about how much the centre of Helsinki needed café terraces instead of them beer terraces, which already were plenty.

Lasipalatsin laituri in the inner yard of Lasipalatsi  (in English Glass Palace), just there where some 30 years ago people were waiting buses at bus stops, has made a profitable compromise by selling coffee delicacies and lunches to customers from the inside café and mind-boggling from the outdoor kiosk.

I visited the Lasipalatsin laituri in the middle of the day and after the morning rain the terrace was almost empty, as you can see from the video. You can only imagine how the situation will be different on a Friday evening, right after work.

The hustle and bustle of the city comfortably disappeared somewhere far back when I sat in the courtyard of the Lasipalatsi in a complete peace, next to the foot of the Amos Rex Art Museum windowtowers and beautiful flower plantations, sipping nice green tea and enjoying a mouth-watering sweet gluten-free chocolate cake.

Btw. If you want to experience a similar refreshing peaceful café moment in the center of Helsinki, you should choose midsummer and noon.

Sitting by the ceiling windows or Amos Rex underground art museum in Lasipalatsin aukio, Helsinki centre, Finland, with a nice cup of tea, chocolate cake and warm July sunshine.

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