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Have you been looking for a good spa hotel in Tallinn, close to the ship terminal, but still within a reasonable walk from the city? And maybe with a breakfast in the morning sun? If so, do check my next video –

Today’s video tells about the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, which is located near the D-terminal in the port of Tallinn.

The entrance to this hotel by the street is guarded by topless mermaids and the hotel is very clean and decorated with earthy colors and with modern touch. A distinctive feature of its overall look is its swimming pools and hot tubs, with direct view from glass windows from both the lift corridors and the hotel rooms.

I’ve never been comfortable in hotel rooms without a window out, but I found that if a glass-roofed pool peeks out from behind the window curtains, it helps the situation.

In the end, however, I only had time to sleep in my hotel room, so I can’t tell you more about the features of this spa, but in terms of sleep, this Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel got full points . The bed was comfortable, the room was pitch black, and there were no nocturnal distractions, at least in the middle of the week. So the customer did not need earplugs, which is very rare in many hotels. However, rumors say that the rooms on the top 5th floor would have had some air conditioning or something producing a little extra noise.

Maybe to compensate that, the guests of the 5th floor were able to enjoy their breakfast at their own stylish tables which were reserved for the customers on the 5th floor alone. They were bathing in the lovely morning sun while enjoying window views outside.

Yet there was another window table in that large and bright breakfast restaurant, and in fact it was an entire windowed corner with view of green trees and rays of the morning sun among the trees, and even a TV if you wanted to watch that. At 7am those tables in the restaurant were free, and otherwise also one was able to find plenty of space at that time. The buffet was nicely edible, meaning enough meatless, cake-free and gluten-free options, though I don’t remember seeing gluten-free bread. Still, it was a 4-star breakfast buffet. There were no visible corona protection measures, unlike in my previous hotel in Tallinn in July.

My hotel room was simply and elegantly decorated and stress-balanced in color. A blue-toned abstract acrylic painting enlivened my room and reminded me of the swirls of water, and the spa in where I was. The only problem in that room, and in fact in the entire hotel, during this short stay of mine, was that the floor of the small bathroom could have been vacuumed a little more carefully after the previous guest.

Otherwise, I left the hotel with very good memories. The answer to the question of whether I would stay overnight at this hotel again is yes. And that time it would be nice to test the hotel’s pools and the pool bar, as in the room there was only a small and separate clean shower area, where a bathtub did not fit in.

Breakfast table for the 5th floor customers
Breakfast table for the 5th floor customers

Spa-hotel reservation from Tallinn, Estonia

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You can read this post also in Finnish and more about Estonia here.

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