Green tea in Gasm, Kämp Galleria, Helsinki + video

Green tea in Gasm

If you are thinking where in the center of Helsinki you could enjoy a cup of good green tea in a tastefully decorated environment and out of reach of the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should watch the following video –

My today’s video tells you about a pleasant café located on the ground floor of the Kämp Galleria shopping mall in Helsinki center.

That cafe used to be known as Ciao! Caffe, and while there was nothing wrong with that cafe’s selection, this current Gasm Cafe & Bar seems better suited to the look of Kämp Galleria shopping mall.

I remember being very happy when I found that cafe, because in that mall the eye rested and the mind rejoiced in the midst of all the beautiful design that could be found in the surrounding shops.

Interior design in Gasm, Kämp Galleria

The beautiful glass roof of Kämp Galleria offers you a pleasant daylight and the Museum of Photography, which was recently opened on the ground floor of Kämp Galleria, can satisfy the hunger of culture during the same cafe trip, in case the customer does not just want to roam around in Instagram.

Inside Gasm Cafe and Bar in Kämp Galleria, Helsinki, Finland
Inside Gasm Cafe and Bar in Kämp Galleria

The predecessor of Gasm had a selection of five-star gluten-free macaron cakes imported directly from somewhere in Europe. Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly from which country they came from, but they were really worth several cafe visits. Small macarons can also be found in Gasm, but at least the pink one of them wasn’t quite as good as its predecessor. However, a cup of green tea tasted just as good as it used to do.

If you want to experience a refreshingly quiet coffee moment in the Gasm Cafe, you should choose a sunny day when the light flooding from the Kämp Galleria glass roof pampers the interior design.

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You can read this post about Gasm also in Finnish!

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