15th blogging birthday

Today is the date when 15 years ago I revealed to my readers that I was going to go to India. I had blogged before 2005, but my actual travel blogging started that day, November 6, 2005.

Because of this 15th blogging birthday I made the next video, which consists of some of my good posts in Finnish and English from the last 15 years. By watching this video you can also get a glimpse of how blogging has changed over the years, what the evolution of blogging has been like.

Take a look –

It is actually a very respectable amount of years to blog for 15 years, given the devices, speeds and adversities with which blogging and image processing have had to be done over the years, especially in the beginning, and especially in India, with a tourist visa. It’s easy to believe there aren’t many who would have bothered for this long. Sure, blogging and digital working is today a lot easier and less nerve-racking, but this “coding” on terms of other people’s software could, over the years, have almost been compared to the poor working conditions of cheap labour in Far East, based on what I’ve learned from the media. Coding and SEO, which are essential to blogging, are even nowadays more challenging and almost as monotonous as sewing with a sewing machine all day long.

That’s why I raise my hat for all those who still work with the computer after so many years, especially to delight and help others, without proofreaders and cost support. Lately the corona virus has opened our eyes to see how important digital work can be.

You can also take a glimpse of each individual blogging year of Indivue with great music on the background on my Facebook page, and easily get on board if you haven’t already – It’s never too late to start following. And did you know, that even a blogger benefits from the number of likes on their social media channels, at least in the eyes of advertisers.

Read most of the blogging and also this post originally in Finnish here .

And pardon me my broken English.

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