Recently, there has been bad news about the restrictions on tourism, especially in connection with tourism in Lapland, because of covid19. So I decided to give my boost to the tourism by telling about the amazing landscapes of Northern Finland and Lapland. The pictures attached are from the time of about one decade back, one autumn in Kuusamo and the Ruka fell.

In the pictures in this online gallery you can see for example variegated trees, top of the Ruka fell and views from there, open landscapes, rowanberries, Kuusamo dairy, lakes and reindeers, Ruka Suites and Lapland-shop, ski slope, sunbeams, Kuusamo airport and Finnair plane.

If you are interested in color prints, please contact the Indivue maintenance.

Read more about Finland in INDIVUE – Trip to Europe, which you will find in the link attached.

Read this post originally in Finnish here

See also authentic and old-fashioned video footage from Ruka fell in Kuusamo.

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