The photo collection below tells you about the domestic and international airports and their restaurants in New Delhi, India.

Delhi International Airport

Delhi International Airport restaurant scene has, for example, familiar fast food restaurants for many tastes, like Subway, Domino’s, KFC and McDonald’s, just to name a few. A layered Subway sandwich filled with Indian paneer cheese is a dream come true for every Indian cheese lover and it keeps a small hunger away. Seekh is another notable vegetarian option in the range of Indian Subway. Note to be made: There is no use to inquire about gluten-free options there.

Back in 2011 – yes you read it right, in 2011, the Indian Mc Donald’s had at least two nice vegetarian options. One was a normal vegetable burger and the other one an Aloo Tikki burger with a tasty steak made of potatoes. Incredibly delicious both. Whereas back in 2013 I wrote about Domino’s in Goa and their wonderful chicken pizza.

The Delhi’s international airport itself was newly made a few years ago, and it offers a proven comfortable setting for waiting for flights. One can also find all the typical souvenirs from India as well as cosmetics and books to read from the many shops in the airport.

Delhi Domestic airport

For many a tourist the Delhi Domestic airport can be the first place in India where one gets to eat authentic Indian food. This is especially true when one has a direct connecting flight from New Delhi to elsewhere in India.

The restaurants in the domestic airport are located on the second floor of the hall and their terrace has spacious views down where other passengers are waiting for their flights. There are also tables in the middle of the restaurant hall, and they are lined with numerous different restaurant counters. Finding a seat is not easy though, as there are so many people during the day. Very many passengers. Much more than in Delhi International Airport, according to my experience.

I tried the traditional South Indian idli vada and dosa at the domestic airport, and there was nothing to complain. The taste was authentic.

There’s also always been tasty Indian food at the Finnair’s flight from Delhi to Helsinki – see an example of it in the photo collection.

See also the travel menu log from a holiday in India.

Read more about Indian restaurants around the world.

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