Anjuna Flea Market in Goa, India, in the mid 2000’s

Jewellery for sale in Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

This video tells about the Anjuna Flea Market in North Goa, India. That market is a famous sight for tourists visiting Goa, because of the vibrant crowd and stalls. It is very famous among the hippies.

One of the first blogposts of Indivue ever was from Goa and Anjuna in the mid 2000’s which was some 15 years ago. That’s why I like to remember it every now and then and why I made this video about the Anjuna Flea Market in Goa in mid 2000’s. Check it out and follow Indivue YouTube-channel for more travel and art related videos to come!

The video will show you for example the old colorfully dressed troubadour with his bull, dressed even more colorfully. You will get to hear the authentic sound of this Indian wind instrument in this video.

After the troubadour walks away you get to see the Anjuna Beach and the boats of which some are tourists vehicles. That’s the place where the boat from Baga Beach to Anjuna Flea Market on Wednesdays will take you. Baga Beach is actually right behind that hill.

You will get to see the colorful booths of hippy jewelry and dresses, shirts, sheets and bedcovers in plenty of variety. And although the market is called flea market, the stuff there is mostly new unused. Though some of the stuff might be from the last season.

You will get to hear live music of various kind in Anjuna Flea Market. Every now and then it is good to stop in some cafe terrace, and take a cold drink to chill with under the sunshades. And not only live music or goa trance and techno, but traditional Indian folk dance and music is also possible to see live in Anjuna Flea Market, as in the video.

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My work INDIVUE – Trip to Goa will tell you a lot more about travel and sights in Goa, India. Also in Finnish at Matka Goaan.

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