Year 2020 was travel and art in Indivue YouTube channel

In 2020 you saw a lot of travel and art, as well as authentic travel experiences, in Indivue YouTube videos, although in reality the borders were more or less closed for most of the year. That’s because the oldest ones of the videos were from 2006 but the latest were from this autumn 2020. 

The following video I made will give you a quick glance at what was on Indivue’s YouTube channel in 2020. In the video you can see, for example, Prague, Riga, North Goa, South Goa, New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Oslo, Gokarna, Margao, Helsinki, Rome, Mapusa, Abu Dhabi, Copenhagen and Berlin

You can read about most of these in Finnish and English in INDIVUE sites:



YouTube statistics

YouTube statistics told that Indivue produced over 195 minutes content for YouTube in 2020. That makes a total of more than 3 hours of authentic, mostly high-quality footage from around the world. That is more than one Bollywood movie, or two Hollywood movies altogether. In addition, YouTube reports that in 2020 Indivue videos had been watched for over 7,600 minutes, which makes over 127 hours.

The best thing is that I have received at least 24 new YouTube subscribers in 2020, without ever paying YouTube anything. I’m happy about that, since the day that 1000 subscribers are reached, I can officially name my channel according to me. Over 900 more subscribers are still needed, but these are YouTube’s rules of the game. 

Btw. Did you know, that You can help me rename my YouTube channel by subscribing my INDIVUE YouTube channel. That way you’ll also be among the first one’s to see the upcoming new videos in 2021, for free! It is also handy, since I may not have time to post them all to my blogs.

Anyway, with this video I wish you an even better New Year 2021 and I also wish that the return to the former normal daily life without corona will happen soon, all over the world!

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