Hotel Gokarn International in India

Last week I asked my Instagram followers in my Instastories which country they would like to read about next, and they chose India, so today I’ll tell about one hotel, where I stayed some 15 years ago.

Back then, when I travelled in India and visited Gokarn, I stayed in a hotel called Hotel Gokarn International. That hotel was a bit far from the beach but within a reasonable walking distance from the small center of Gokarn village.

Hotel room balcony at the topmost floor

The hotel was modest, very modest, with maybe some two stars classification, and till this day it happens to be among the worst hotels where I’ve stayed in India. But, I did like the topmost room balcony, which was at the same level with the top of the palm trees, and I did stay in this same hotel one more time after the first.

Hotel room interior

At that time there was no room service including food and I don’t know how it is now, but at least there was a restaurant in the ground floor of the same building serving some Indian foods. The restaurant was located next to the entrance which you can see in the image attached.

Entrance to hotel Gokarna

Hotel Gokarna International was still among the best accommodation I was able to find from Gokarn if you excluded the expensive 5 star resort found far away from the beach.

Hotel Gokarna balconies

The image quality is from the time when smartphones did not yet exist.

See better images in my video Gokarn in 1 minute and read 5 reasons to visit Gokarn for a Western tourist.

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