Ship to Åland and back and a music video

After staying home for several months, and wearing mask if in social places, I dared to travel again last to last week, even though a good friend of mine abroad had recently passed away because of covid19 and even though I myself had not yet been vaccinated against that disease.

I traveled in my home country, by the sea, and the destination was Åland, which is an island where I had previously visited as a little girl only.

I made a video of the sea voyage with Silja Galaxy, and in that video you can see e.g. the port of Turku and one of the cute seal statues there. The harbor was otherwise very deserted, as there were not many passengers and the restaurants had not yet opened. You’ll also see a neat, unpopulated ship with its hallways, a buffet restaurant and my cabin in that music video.

My own cabin provided a stress-free way to travel, although there was no problem keeping the safety distances on board. The weather during the voyage was a bit rainy and foggy, but the wind was calm and the boat trip went great. Although most of the ship’s restaurants were closed, because of covid restrictions, the buffet restaurant still offered its best.

Fish for lunch
Ship corridor

Read more about this ship in my Finnish post, and more about Finland here.

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