Goan fishermen at work

Here’s my video telling about fishing in Goa, India. The video shows what it is like to work as a fisherman on the beautiful beaches of Goa. This video comes without music or speak so be ready to listen to the actual seawaves for a whole 5 minutes and enjoy the ASMR experience.

But if you have only one minute, check the fishermen trailer!

Video about the Goan fishermen

In the video you can see and hear how a Goan fishing boat sails off the coast at sunset and how the waves of the Arabian Sea are bubbling, sometimes calmer, sometimes more intense.

You see fishermen lowering their nets into the sea and you see how many men are needed to pull the nets back up from the Arabian Sea. You will also see and hear scurrying Indian prey fish as well as hungry birds flocking around a fishing boat.

After the fishing operation the fishing nets are spread on the beach to dry on the sand, after which the nets are cleared and stacked and possibly also patched. More than twenty men are needed to complete this task.

Also a few tourists, who are roaming around the fishing nets on the beach with their cameras, like me, are seen in this video. One of the tourists even offers to help and pull those nets back on the beach. And another one just makes a video. See it here now –

Goan fishermen at work

You can read this post also in Finnish.

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