This short video presents you a good Indian restaurant dinner in Swagatam in Barcelona. The restaurant serves you nice Indian food according to my own customer experience. The video was filmed in 2016 and 2017, which explains the change in the wall color of this restaurant.

Video duration 1:16

Restaurant Swagatam, Barcelona

Back in 2016 I wrote in Tripadvisor about this restaurant

“If you need spices in Barcelona, come here. In Barcelona and in the heat of the early evening of October without air conditioning, this restaurant gave the customer the atmosphere of a very authentic local Indian restaurant. The decor wasn’t really fancy for dinner, but the place also served as a small bar. The restaurant’s vegetarian meal was ok and good, as was the lassi drink that was really needed because of the heat of the spices. The service of the restaurant was very friendly.”

So if you’re looking for curry and spice of India in Barcelona, this restaurant is a good option. I don’t know whether this Indian restaurant in Spain is the best Indian restaurant in Barcelona, there might be many more to try out, but I’m sure Swagatam is one of them.

You can read more about this restaurant in my Finnish blog.

Read more about Indian restaurants and traveling in Europe from INDIVUE – Trip to Europe , of which this video is also a part of.

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