Helsinki Book Fair 2021 with the Wine Village -event

Helsinki book Fair 2021 Finland

*blogcollaboration with Helsinki Fair Center

The Helsinki Book Fair was held last week at the Helsinki Fair Center in Pasila, Finland, after a two-year break, and it was very nice to see how everything was still the same despite of the corona years. The attached video tells you about the Helsinki Book Fair and the Wine Village event in 2021.

In the book fair in Helsinki most people wore masks, with public safety in mind, and the widely placed booths at the fair gave people a comfortable space to move around and make written discoveries. However, there used to be almost half as many book fair visitors before the corona, which contributed to the feeling of space even on the busiest book fair day, Saturday.

There was a long queue on Saturday for the Wine Village event, which used to be known as Wine & Food fair and bigger in size, and of course the masks could not be worn there. I found three interesting restaurants from the wine Village, and you can see them also in the video below.

Helsinki Book Fair 2021 with Wine Village

You can read this post also in Finnish.

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