GOA uncut 2013 – Goa ASMR videos

Pink sunset behind a palm tree in Goa

This video tells about Goa and Goan nature as it was in 2013. It has uncut and unstaged videofootage saved by a travelblogger while traveling in Goa, India. Unique collection of Goa ASMR videos!

See for example sunrise and sunset in Goa, South Goa and North Goa, Margao, Colva, Sernabatim Beach, Anjuna Flea Market beach, Baga Beach and Morjim Beach. See the beautiful nature in Goa and hear the beautiful birds singing!

Video duration 37:50

Collection of Goa ASMR videos

This video will also answer for example to these following questions:

0:00 Sunrise – What does the sunrise look like in Goa, India and what does it sound like when a rooster crows in India

3:48 Baga Beach – How is the Baga Beach in North Goa during daytime outside peak tourist season

6:08 Majorda Beach – Are there swimming supervisor working in Majorda Beach, South Goa, in tourist season

7:09 Colva Beach – What kind of shops there are in the evening in Colva Beach, South Goa

8:09 Colva – What it’s like to ride a scooter in evening in Colva, South Goa

9:10 Sernabatim Beach – What does Sernabatim beach in South Goa look like and what guesthouse is there

10:11 3-leg dog – How does an Indian dog run with only 3 legs

12:01 Birds – How do Indian birds sing in Goa and how nice is living in the middle of palm trees

13:16 Colva – How is Colva during daytime outside peak tourist season

14:19 Benaulim Beach – What does the entrance to the Benaulim Beach look like

15:20 South Goa – What did the streets look like in South Goa in 2013

17:20 Single bird – How does a single bird sing in Goa

19:02 How do Goan birds sing before sunset

20:37 Sunset – What does it look (and sound) like the sun setting behind the Arabian Sea in India

22:04 Church bells – What does it sound like when a church bell rings in Goa

23:04 Margao – What did Margao city center look like in 2013

24:28 Lighthouse – What do North Goa beaches look like seen from Fort Aguada Lighthouse

25:34 Calangute – What did the entrance to Calangute Beach look like in 2013

26:34 Anjuna – How was the Anjuna Flea Market Beach and Cafe Looda in 2013

29:00 Live music – What kind of live music is played in Anjuna Flea Market and Cafe Looda

31:27 Anjuna – What color are the rocks and the sand in Anjuna Flea Market Beach

33:01 Morjim – What does Morjim Beach look like during sunset when it is windy

34:01 How the sun sets behind the sea

35:01 Arabian Sea – What do the Arabian Sea waves sound like during sunset if you sit in a beach shack

36:23 How the setting sun melts in the horizon in India

Enjoy the video and the asmr voice trip it gives and read more about travel and Goa from my visual guide INDIVUE – Trip to Goa!

I’ve been making it for 17 years, also in Finnish: Matka Goaan.

Lot more videos coming up so stay tuned and subscribe my channels!

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