Barcelona collages

Art with a story

Now in Helsinki, Finland, you have an excellent chance to get unique art on your wall, because at the moment there in the groupartexhibition in Kaapelitehdas, Puristamo, is my drawing of Vanhankaupunginkoski, which is a beautiful place in Helsinki with river rapids running to the sea. Vanhankaupunginkoski is definitely worth seeing.


The exhibition in guestion is open in Kaapelitehdas until 18.9. and there’s also fabulous art ceramics exhibiting from Poland at the same time with Finnish art, until day after tomorrow. Very much recommendable.

Also in the same exhibition until Sunday is my painting, Anonymous, of which the image displayed is from.

Get yourself art with a story!

Find some Abstract Digital Paintings from earlier years of Indivue in the attached link.



India Express in Helsinki, Finland

After returning to Helsinki, I found out for my joy,
that India is present here, in a form of India Express -exhibition in Tennispalatsi Artmuseum as well as “Passage to India” -exhibition in the neighbouring Museum of Cultures.

Went to see the exhibition straight away, got a kind of a soft landing back to West.

I recommend these exhibitions, of course. They will tell you a lot what I’d like to tell.
But let me say, that the only one black goddess statue there isn’t at all as “scary” as
what they were in those temples in India..