Tribute to Notre Dame (video)

Glass painting in Notre Dame, Paris

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was partially destroyed in a fire on 15th of April 2019. The fire destroyed eg. the highest tower in the cathedral.

The video below is the INDIVUE tribute to the beautiful stained glass of Notre Dame Cathedral and its stunning acoustics that will hopefully be restored to its former glory in the coming years.

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India through social media

Here’s an easy way to check what is happening in India through various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – Just follow the hashtags below!

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Digital art inspired by Barcelona

Travelling broadens your mind and helps you see things differently.

As an example of that, here is some digital art, inspired by Barcelona, exhibiting now in Instagram.

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Digital graphics inspired by Helsinki exhibiting now

New digital graphics, inspired by Helsinki and other cities, exhibiting now in Instagram – follow it up here:

On the road in Amsterdam (video previews)

If you’re planning to travel to Amsterdam in Netherlands, then you should definitely read my previous post about Amsterdam called Art and traveltips to Amsterdam.

This video here is from the streets of Amsterdam. A coincidence was that Lata Mangehskar happened to be singing on the radio while shooting this. She is one of the most well-known singers in Bollywood films, and has been for decades.

After this short video of mine you will get to see some more YouTubevideos about Amsterdam and things related, so take a nice posture and enjoy your armchairtrip!

Bollywood movie shot in Amsterdam

Back in 2014 one good Bollywood movie was also partially filmed in Amsterdam. The movie was called Queen, and it was starring Kangana Ranaut. (She has had the leading role in other nice Bollywood films also like Fashion, Woh Lamhe and Tanu weds Manu.)

Queen was almost a four star movie according my taste, but the problem with that movie, like with many other Bollywood movies which have been filmed in West, like Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film Jab Harry met Sejal, was that it was giving a very one-sided view of an European lifestyle. I mean, if I was an Indian watching Bollywood-movies, I might even start to think that all that Westerners do is party, celebrate and seduce each other, one after the other. Of course that is not the case. But, coincidentally, it might even look like that in the real life in Goa and some other touristic places in India. YouTubers really need to see an effort and make more videos to show what the real life is like in Europe, isn’t it?

Anyways, this other video from Amsterdam here tells you about the great painter Vincent Van Gogh. A few months back, in 2017, an animation movie about Van Gogh was released. That movie was called Loving Vincent, and the scenes in that movie had all been painted with oilcolours.

One has to raise one’s hat for the huge amount of work and effort they had put for that movie. Still, I definitely do recommend you to read the great book about Vincent Van Gogh, written by Irving Stone. It will give you the whole picture of that poor artist’s life.

Art and traveltips for Barcelona

Indivue art inspired by Barcelona

I visited Barcelona twice within the past one year and had planned to blog you so much about it. Unfortunately I got puzzled by the recent tragic events in the Barcelona street Las Ramblas, and also by the big talk about Barcelona and Katalonia leaving Spain, that I really could not write nor paint about Barcelona anymore. That is for at least some time now.

But just in case you are plannin to travel to Barcelona yourself, do check all the short reviews I wrote for Barcelona in Tripadvisor from There is, especially for the Indian kitchen lovers, a nice Indian restaurant recommendation by Indivue. That Indian restaurant might even be the spiciest restaurant in the whole of Barcelona!

There was also another good Indian restaurant in Barcelona. It can actually be even better than the previously mentioned one, but like I said, I might write about it later, so stay tuned.

Now let me introduce to you the digital painting inspired by Barcelona.

The hashtags below it will take you to instaimages from Barcelona and other art related issues. You might want to take a look at them as well.

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Art and traveltips for Amsterdam

Photopainting inspired by Amsterdam canals

Another European city, which I have wanted to blog and paint for so long is Amsterdam, and today is the day. I must tell you, those Amsterdam canal cruises really took my heart away.

In case you are plannin to travel to Amsterdam yourself, check the following reviews for Amsterdam in Tripadvisor: There is, especially for the lovers of Indian kitchen, a very good restaurant recommendation by INDIVUE.

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Photopainting inspired by Amsterdam canals

Art and traveltips for Margao and Goa, India

Art inspired by the city of Margao in Goa, India

This week, let me introduce to you an Indivue digital painting inspired by the city of Margao in Goa, India.

Margao is the capital of South Goa, and in case you are plannin to travel there yourself, you might want to take a look at Indivue travel experiences from South Goa and see all the Goan beaches as well.

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Art postcards you will get from here!


Art inspired by the city of Margao in Goa, India