Panorama: Helsinki, Finland and Vuosaari


Today’s panorama is from Helsinki, Finland.
The sea view is captured on a sunny summer day in Vuosaari’s Uutela.

Uutela is a beautiful and prestigious outdoor area that offers the much needed greenery for those living in a city in a concrete jungle.
In addition to the jogging paths in the middle of a beautiful nature, there is also 2 grilling huts in Uutela.

Watch a video of Uutela’s sea landscape here.

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Seaview from Uutela

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5 reasons to see and experience Oodi in Helsinki, Finland

Book heaven, view from the Fazer café

Do you fancy drinking tea in a terrace in Helsinki during summertime? Maybe with a random book or magazine? Oodi is making that possible, since the new three-story library building is opening this week in the centre of Helsinki, and it will be having a very big and fancy cafeteria with a terrace on its third floor.

Book heaven on the third floor of Oodi
Book heaven on the third floor of Oodi

Ball chairs in Bookheaven on the third floor of Oodi library
Ball chairs in Bookheaven on the third floor of Oodi library

Book heaven, view from the Fazer café
Book heaven, view from the Fazer café

Oodi library is the 100th year birthday gift from Finland and its capital Helsinki to its citizens. It took 3 years to build it. This week Oodi will open its doors for the audience and from then on it will be one of the most important sights of Helsinki and the whole of Finland. The view from the 3rd floor of Oodi will most certainly charm you, whether you’re inside or outside the library. In addition there is a lot one can do in this three-story library building.

Not knowing anything more about those 100000 books and magazines Oodi will be having, here’s still 5 more reasons to see and experience Oodi. It will be open seven days a week starting 5.12.2018 –

5 reasons to visit Oodi in Helsinki

1. Oodi will give anyone a free chance to experience clean and beautiful design. The impact will surely be healthy and uplifting for the mind.

2. From the balcony on the third floor one can admire sunsets during summertime. There will be no skyscrapers blocking the sun all though it is in the centre of Helsinki.

3. Oodi is not only a library but a cultural centre. In addition to traditional libraryservices you will also find a cafeteria, restaurant, movie theatre, a playpark for kids, etc. Movie theatre Kino Regina will open in January 2019.

4. On the second floor of Oodi there will be workspaces of various kind in handicrafts as well as digital works. There will also be soundproof rooms for study or work, and for playing music. This second floor will be fully open in 2019.

5. Oodi promotes lifelong learning, active citizenship, democracy and freedom of expression.

In addition to this, the third-floor ball chairs offer a great opportunity to read blogs in your own privacy with your own smartphone!

Find more information on Oodi’s website

The video below reveals more beautiful details about Oodi’s architecture and decorative details –

Photographs by Noora Saarinen

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5 random scenes from Helsinki

View over Helsinki city centre
View over Helsinki city centre

Helsinki cathedral
Helsinki cathedral

Aurinkoranta beach in Vuosaari, Helsinki
Aurinkoranta beach in Vuosaari, Helsinki

Bridge for bicycles and passengers over Helsinginkatu road
Bridge over Helsinginkatu

Kaivopuisto, Helsinki
Kaivopuisto, Helsinki

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Helsinki Book Fair 2018

In the Helsinki Book Fair stages like Waltari and Eino Leino, which were named according to the famous Finnish authors are now a thing of the past, since this year 2018 the Book Fair introduced us various stages for authors and other performers named by the actual neighborhoods of Helsinki.

Here below you can see the participating neighborhoods from the Helsinki Book Fair. The Book Fair will still be happening today Sunday 28.10.2018 in the Helsinki Fair Centre in Pasila, and the theme country of this year is the United States of America, with authors like Jennifer Clement, Patricia Lockwood and Cecilia Samartin visiting the Book Fair.

After the Book Fair, the life of the participating stages continues in Twitter – open the attached tweets to read more about them:

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Helsinki Book Fair 2018
Helsinki Book Fair 2018

Digital graphics inspired by Helsinki exhibiting now

New digital graphics, inspired by Helsinki and other cities, exhibiting now in Instagram -You can follow it up here:











Helsinki centre on Design Week 2018

Keskuskatu, Helsinki, streetview


Helsinki Design Week 2018 in Keskuskatu
Helsinki Design Week 2018 in Keskuskatu

Helsinki center has cheered up and become more lively after the recent opening of Amos Rex Art Museum there. This inspired me to take a walk in the Helsinki center, especially since the weather was warm and sunny and Helsinki Design Week 2018 had started.


Keskuskatu, Helsinki, streetview
Keskuskatu, Helsinki, streetview

Keskuskatu, one of the streets in the very center of Helsinki has become a pleasant and stylish pedestrian street over the years. For the time being it also features a Helsinki Design Week 2018 -booth, from which event information is shared both to tourists and local passers-by.

A short walk in the center of Helsinki also stimulated the need for traveling abroad:

Keskuskatu with its tourists reminded me of any European metropolis, and even the helmet wearing passengers with the scooter stopped in the traffic lights resembled the streets of Rome.



But when I went for the first time to Baana, the pedestrian/cycling street in the Helsinki center, I was truly fascinated after seeing them benches for one person only.

I had admired that kind of benches earlier in Stockholm and wondered why we don’t have them in Helsinki – and all this time they might have existed by this pedestrian street, which has been easing the life of the cyclists as well in the Helsinki center since 2012.


Benches for one person by the Baana
Benches for one person by the Baana


Yes, I really walked through the promenade for the first time in 2018. And I must admit – it was a refreshing experience – I liked it even more than the lovely bike / pedestrian streets in Copenhagen, as “hygge” as they might be, since in Helsinki the road was much more spacious and safer for its passengers.

Afternoon car jams were only humming somewhere far off in the upper air when I walked from Kamppi to Kiasma, the museum of contemporary art, and towards Oodi, a new and magnificent library being built in Helsinki.


Baana in Helsinki centre
Baana, the road for bicycles and pedestrians in Helsinki centre

The capital of Finland is really changing for the better. It’s really worth for tourists to come and bloggers to blog.

Helsinki Design Week is a 13 year old annual event presenting Finnish design in Helsinki, and this year’s novelty is the Children’s Design Week. You can find the entire Helsinki Design Week 2018 -program at



Kiasma, museum of contemporary art, in Helsinki, Finland
Kiasma, museum of contemporary art, in Helsinki, Finland

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Amos Rex art museum opened in Helsinki

New art museum, Amos Rex, opened in Helsinki this week, on 30.8.2018. The museum is located under ground in and in the inner yard of Lasipalatsi-building right in the centre of Helsinki.

Amos Rex art museum on the opening day 30.8.2018
Amos Rex art museum on the opening day 30.8.2018


Inside the museum the architecture combines 60’s design with futuristic vibes nicely, and allthough it is an underground museum, the museum windows come on the ground in the inner yard of Lasipalatsi.


Design inside Amos Rex Art Museum
Design inside Amos Rex Art Museum


The first exhibition in Amos Rex is called Massless by teamLab, and it is really a good example of where the digital art has reached today. Definitely worth seeing.



Check the INDIVUE video from the opening day 30.8.2018 and see more pics about the Amos Rex -museum together with the teamLab’s art exhibition.


Public media together with the social media in the Amos Rex art museum opening day
Public media together with the social media in the Amos Rex art museum opening day


Nowadays the inner yard of Lasipalatsi makes a very nice background for the photos of tourists visiting Helsinki.

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And did you know that the first ever picture Indivue tweeted in Twitter was actually from Helsinki and from the Lasipalatsi inner yard in May 2013 – and 5 years later (and 800 INDIVUE tweeted images later) they had built this massive Amos Rex art museum over there. See the tweet below and follow Indivue for more travel and art to come!

Bird photography in Seurasaari island, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is well-known as a clean uncrowded city with a close distance to sea and nature.

Seurasaari is one of its islands offering lots of natural beauty especially during summertime. For a birdwatcher and a naturelover it is a pearl, within a short bus trip from the Helsinki centre. Seurasaari is a free experience except during Midsummer festivals in June.

Birds in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Birds in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland

Here’s an Indivue video of the birds in Seurasaari – enjoy the video attached.


This video from Seurasaari is part of Indivue’s Travel Opus to Europe. Read more about Helsinki here.

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Seagull in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki seagull


Hail in Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki hail

Ordinary summer day in the Helsinki centre (video)

For a short moment in the beginning of this week Helsinki was in the limelight of the world. Helsinki, the capital of the most happiest country in the world, Finland, like many studies have said.

Well, here’s a video I made about the ordinary summer day in the touristic areas in the centre of Helsinki, Finland.

Photos by Indivue.

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Helsinki centre, Esplanadi park and Kauppatori in summer 2018

American president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin are coming to Helsinki, Finland, to have a meeting tomorrow Monday in the Finnish President’s Sauli Niinistö’s castle. The traffic in the famous tourist areas like Esplanadi park and Market square, Kauppatori, in the centre of Helsinki will be blocked, so I went already beforehand to check, what does the summer look like in Helsinki centre in mid July 2018.

Weather was sunny and warm, temperature near the heat limit 25C. See more in the photos attached –  Helsinki centre and Esplanadi Park, Market Square, Allas Sea Pool, President’s Castle and Pohjoisesplanadi street in summer 2018.

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