5 reasons to see and experience Oodi in Helsinki, Finland

Book heaven, view from the Fazer café

Do you fancy drinking tea in a terrace in Helsinki during summertime? Maybe with a random book or magazine? Oodi is making that possible, since the new three-story library building is opening this week in the centre of Helsinki, and it will be having a very big and fancy cafeteria with a terrace on its third floor.

Book heaven on the third floor of Oodi
Book heaven on the third floor of Oodi
Ball chairs in Bookheaven on the third floor of Oodi library
Ball chairs in Bookheaven on the third floor of Oodi library
Book heaven, view from the Fazer café
Book heaven, view from the Fazer café

Oodi library is the 100th year birthday gift from Finland and its capital Helsinki to its citizens, and it took 3 years to build it. This week Oodi will open its doors for the audience and from then on it will be one of the most important sights of Helsinki and the whole of Finland. The view from the 3rd floor of Oodi will most certainly charm you, whether it’s inside or outside, not to mention all the other things one can do in this three-story library building.

Not knowing anything more about those 100000 books and magazines Oodi will be having, here’s still 5 more reasons to see and experience Oodi, which will be open seven days a week starting 5.12.2018 –

1.Oodi will give anyone a free chance to experience clean and beautiful design, the impact of which will surely be healthy and uplifting for the mind.

2. From the balcony on the third floor one can admire sunsets during summertime – There will be no skyscrapers blocking the sun all though it will be in the centre of Helsinki.

3. Oodi is not only a library but a cultural centre – in addition to traditional libraryservices you will also find a cafeteria, restaurant, movie theatre and a playpark for kids from there, among other things. Movie theatre Kino Regina will open in January 2019.

4. On the second floor of Oodi there will be workspaces of various kind in handicrafts as well as digital works and also soundproof rooms for study or work, and music play. Second floor will be fully open when the year changes.

5. Oodi promotes lifelong learning, active citizenship, democracy and freedom of expression.

In addition to this, the third-floor ball chairs offer a great opportunity to read blogs in your own privacy on your own phone screen!

More information on Oodi’s website
The video below reveals more beautiful details about Oodi’s architecture and decorative details –

Photographs Noora Saarinen

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