Videos from Prague summer

In the past, I’ve written a few post about Prague, like a good hotel recommendation for Prague, a tip for a good Indian restaurant in Prague, and other Prague coffee and restaurant tips, plus some nice photos – you can read them in the links attached. But today, it’s the time for the moving image, videos from Prague –

See the next video trailer, which will give you a quick glimpse of summertime in Prague, Czech –

Trailer of Prague summer 2019

There are many sights to see around the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, and the next video I made will take a longer look at them. For example you can find a museum with ancient weapons, military armor and helmets, which was a paid exhibition, but impressive experience, even for those people who don’t care about weapons and military issues. In addition the video will show you what kind of sunflowers were growing there near-by the museum, in the flowerbeds outside the house of famous author Franz Kafka.

If you want to see what kind of tourists are traveling in Prague or what candles are burning in Prague’s famous St. Vitus Cathedral, then check out the video I filmed last summer 2019. You will also hear what the church bells sound like in Czech.

The weather in Prague’s summer varies with rain and sunshine, and this can also be seen in this video, which was made without any manuscript. In addition the video will take you among other tourists to admire the Prague Castle after sunset.

And if you want to hear some great street music in Prague and Charles Bridge, here’s the video. It is no surprise that even Mozart is being played in the streets of Prague – after all, he has also composed in there.

Trams are a wonderful means of public transport in Prague, and with this video you can also take a tram ride in the streets of Prague and see them terraces and shops by the streets. The video will also take you to the green forest roads of the high Petrin Hill and right up high to the lookout tower on Petrin Hill, which will offer spectacular views over the Prague city. You can also see that same lookout tower and other beautiful greenery of Prague from the hill right next to Petrin Hill.

The video will also show how the sweet Czech snack tredlnik is being happily made in the grill despite the heat of the summer.

And, as a bonus, the video most certainly takes you to that Old Town Town Hall and the famous astronomical clock in Prague, below and above which tourists gather to watch the shades open and the wooden figures greeting their viewers every on the hour.

See the video here, after the parodic image of the moving statue of the Czech author Franz Kafka, reminding someone familiar from this blog –

Summer in Prague

You can find more authentic travel videos and stylized video stories here and read this post in Finnish as well.

Check also my updated INDIVUE – Trip to Europe.

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