The latest video in my YouTube channel tells about Prague – and more specifically, it tells about the beautiful sights in Prague. It has been filmed by a Finnish Photographer and it is part of the digital work INDIVUE – Trip to Europe, which tells about Europe and same time offers authentic travel tips to all over Europe.

Although tourism is not safe right now at the beginning of 2021 because of corona, and for the most part it is also not possible to travel, I still recommend checking out those other previous articles I’ve written about Prague, such as Taste Memories of Prague, which tells about Prague’s food and restaurants in Finnish. 

The post about good Indian food and restaurants in Prague will fascinate the people who love more spicy food.

About the nice hotel in Prague I wrote in Finnish in 2019 and it tells about the great place I stayed in. And, if you want to watch a good movie filmed in Prague, I posted about that topic back in 2012, but the movie tip is still valid, so check it out.

See also more travel blogger videos themed as “the first time in Prague” and “summer in Prague”.

When I look at all the fascinating images from around the world, it at least motivates me to sit at home for a few more months and wear a mask so that corona can really be defeated and the return to the new landscapes becomes possible. Still, a lot of compassion for all you readers who have not been able to see and help your loved ones especially abroad for at least a year, when there are no flights or the quarantine time in both countries is too long, making travel impossible. I know how badly corona with its restrictions hits the long distance relationships.

I suggest imaginative traveling, studying, vitamins and workouts in order to endure till our next departure. Any other tips?

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