Best hidden cafés in Riga, Latvia

Tea and biscuits in a café in Riga, Latvia

Due to corona, the travel restrictions imposed on Riga, Latvia, are no longer in force for people coming for example from Finland. Silja has already started ship cruises in-between Helsinki and Riga and those cruises will last all summer season.

I visited Riga myself in the end of February 2020, shortly before tourism around the world came to a standstill due to the corona. I filmed e.g. the attached video named the Best hidden cafés in Riga, Latvia, and the video will present you 4 nice cafés right in the center of Riga.

The first café in the video was called Lāci and it was located by the edge of a large square near the Latvian Statue of Liberty, opposite McD. Outside the café looked like a bakery, but inside there was a table and chairs for the customer. Their tea was tasty and the biscuits made you want to buy more. Delicious gluten-free almond cookies were also found.

Another nice cafe, called pienene, was hidden in the latter room of a decorative item shop. It was a nice place to wait on their couch while the rest of the traveling group climbed to the top of the famous old church in the nearby old town, which in winter might not necessarily be a very inviting place due to the freezing icy wind, or pouring rain.

The third good café was found nearby the houses of the Three Brothers and it praised itself as the most romantic café in the Old Town of Riga. The café, named parunāsim, was on two floors, and it had lot of customers. I was almost left without a seat. Their selection of cakes and teas was nice and plentiful, and the interior of the café had been interestingly decorated. I remembered especially the beautiful floor mosaic on the first floor and the piano, which read “My next husband will be normal” in capital letters on the music stand. Now, is it romantic to think about one’s next husband – there might be at least two opinions on that, but let’s not forget that humor is one form of art as well.

Fourth fine café in Riga was located in the Fashion Museum. In addition to nice teas they had even a chocolate cake decorated with walnuts for a gluten-free taste. The book selection in the museum shop operating next to the café was appealing also to a customer who followed today’s fashion.

In addition to these cafés, see also my previous short video on the sights of Riga and remember to subscribe my YouTube -channel for the upcoming videos and check out the updates in INDIVUE – Trip to Europe!

You can read about the best hidden cafés of Riga also in Finnish.

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