First time in Riga, Latvia

This video tells about my first visit to Riga, Latvia. The video was originally filmed in winter 2020 during the days when corona was arriving in Europe. Little did I know then what was going to come with all the travel restrictions, cancelled trips, cancelled exhibitions, quaranteens and vaccinations and all.

So this video reminds me of the good old times of travelblogging and traveling without masks. My first visit in Riga was during the winter holidays but amazingly enough there was not too cold neither snow in the city. Exception to this was the top of the St Peter’s church from where one can see the Riga sceneries. My fingers froze in the cold wind while filming the sceneries, which you can see in this video as well.

Interestingly enough I also photographed the beautiful Riga from the top of the St Peter’s church and one photograph was going to end up into an art exhibition in Helsinki, Finland, in spring 2020. But because of corona all venues including art exhibitions were cancelled in Finland in spring 2020 and eventually that photo was shown in Helsinki art exhibition as late as November 2020.

If you’re interested in that photograph which was in that exhibition, you can enquire it by email. Videos are also possible on request. But do have a quick look of what I found in Riga –

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What was you first time in Riga like?

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