Tallinn, Estonia, that easily accessible travel destination from Finland, has had a low profile on this site for some time, but fortunately the corona restrictions brought about an improvement. That is because after many years I visited Tallinn this summer, as Tallinn was one of the very few foreign travel destinations to travel to from Finland in the summer of 2020. How the trip was made I told in the previous video post in July.

Today it’s time for a video post dealing with the nice cafés in Tallinn in 2020. The best and most delicious piece of cake has been saved for the last scene in the video, so it will be a good idea to watch the video till the end to find out, from where that fudge cake was found and how did it look like. The cake was really so good that I could seriously consider making a new trip from Helsinki to Tallinn just to have a cup of tea and a cake to eat in that café.

Watch the music video below and indulge in the fresh atmosphere of Tallinn –

Tallinn cafes

The first café in the video is familiar to many cruise passengers, as it is located right in the port of Tallinn, and you have time to have your morning coffee there, even if the stay on the land is only a couple of hours long.

That café has a nice terrace decorated with flowers and the inside of the café / restaurant is neatly decorated with mainly white. A refreshing detail are the changing exhibitions of amateur / professional artists on the cafe’s walls. Also worth mentioning is the great detail that an organic product, organic lemonade, was found in the café’s selection.

Daisies in the SMAK café in Tallinn

The second café in the video is the Tallinn’s oldest café, founded in 1864. The café’s window was decorated with various coffee and tea cups as well as flowers and mascots, and a large steam locomotive with flowers perched on its tracks in the café window. The café’s interior was quite modest, but the ceiling shone handsomely with golden ornaments.

The oldest café in Tallinn also pampered customers who favored lactose-free and gluten-free food, as they were able to serve a cake without those sensitizers. An excellent decaffeinated fruit or berry tea was also served in the café.

Third of the video’s cafés can be found on the ground floor of the quite recent Forografiska Museum. The café was spacious and neatly decorated, and it had a good choice of salty as well as sweet treats and drinks. A gluten-free cake option was also found. The orange smoothie there was captivating in its freshness and the sweet potato fries with mayonnaise were delicious.

A note for the sensitive viewers: that winning piece of cake at the end of the video was not gluten-free, as the café in question was the only café in the video that did not have gluten-free products in its selections. And that, of course, cannot be called a merit.

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You can read this post also in Finnish.

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