Good hotel experience in Tallinn

View from Park Inn by Radisson balcony

Are you looking for a nice clean and peaceful hotel in the centre of Tallinn, within a walking distance from the harbor and with a sunset view? Check this video out!

The video below tells you about the hotel Park Inn by Radisson located in Tallinn, Estonia, within a reasonable walking distance from the port of Tallinn.

I had the pleasure of staying at this Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn in the summer 2020 and my hotel room with a balcony was on the topmost, sixth floor, of the hotel. It offered spacious views outside until sunset and those views from the balcony are in the main part in this video.

The railing of the balcony wasn’t very safe, which is why that particular room cannot be recommended for families with young children. Also, the balcony will not be safe for a drunken person who might try to see the sea that was visible in the far right when one reached a little over the railing. You understand what I mean when you watch the video.

There was only a little traffic right in front of the hotel, which made the night peaceful. The colored lights at the headboard added its own nice addition to the ambiance of the room and the bed itself was pretty good for sleeping, with the mattress being stiff rather than soft.

The floor in this Park Inn hotel room was remarkably clean and in good condition, which made it comfortable to walk around after a shower while the sun’s rays tickled the light curtains. The bathroom itself was clean enough and there was also a bathtub, which I did not try.

the bed in park inn by Radisson Tallinn central
The bed in park inn by Radisson

Hotel buffet breakfast during corona times

The buffet breakfast was served on the ground floor of the hotel. While eating by the window table the hotel guest was able to follow the street life around the large car park behind the dark but see-through window curtains.

As a precaution against corona, the hotel had hand sanitizer for guests on arrival at the restaurant. The restaurant staff served breakfast from behind the plexiglass, collecting on the plate the breakfast desired by the client. There were no gluten-free cereal products to be seen, but I don’t know if they could have arranged such if requested in advance, because I didn’t try.

The gluten-free chocolate cake was easy to arrange without pre-order, but who eats chocolate cake for breakfast…

The atmosphere in the breakfast restaurant was pleasantly calm and the room did not become crowded, but the buffet queues could not be avoided.

After the breakfast it was nice to go and roam around in the streets of Tallinn. Places like home improvement store, a couple of small restaurants, a shopping center and the Old Town of Tallinn were nearby.

If you’d ask me would I stay overnight in this hotel again, the answer is yes, if I could get that top floor room again.

Entrance to the park inn by Radisson hotel
Entrance to the park inn by Radisson hotel

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How to book a hotel room from Tallinn

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