A film trip to the Netherlands

I Amsterdam and tourists

I found a film in Viaplay which was telling about the Netherlands in the 16th century. That American-English film was called Tulip Fever and it was completed in 2017. The film told about a painter as well as an extramarital affair centuries ago.

I decided to watch the film, not because I’d be interested in extramarital affairs, but because the film dealt with art and the Netherlands. It had been a long time since my previous trip there and I was thinking how nice it would be to go on a trip, even a movie trip, a dream trip to Holland.

Tulip Fever was a nicely staged film and its backstage and costume matched my idea of the 16th century Europe well. But as Wikipedia says from the 1st place of Google’s search results, there was plenty to criticize in the work of the film’s actors.

Exception to this, however, was the painter’s passion for his wife, which at first was almost tangible.

In the middle of the movie I almost stopped watching, but then I got an idea to quickly rewind the movie some twenty minutes ahead. That’s because I still wanted to see how this fictional and visually fine story of an orphaned child ending up as a surrogate mother to her maid could end. And so it was then that one of the main characters left for India, but let me not reveal the plot any more than this.

The luxury of a home theater is that if a movie is three stars or less, then one can watch it with quicker speed, unlike in a movie theater or in real time on TV channels. Four and five star films of course need rewinding less often, but they can also be paused, if necessary.

How easy it is to do imaginative traveling these days!

A visual trip to Amsterdam

Another movie which will take you to the Netherlands and Amsterdam, but on this decade, is Jab Harry Met Sejal from 2017, starring Shah Rukh Khan (find the movie here). In that film, tourism is prominently present, as the film is a Bollywood love comedy about the life of a travel guide. The film has also been reviewed on my site.

Another Indian film called Queen from 2014, starring Kangana Ranaut in its lead role, takes its viewers to a trip to Europe and e.g. to Amsterdam. You can find the Queen movie here. Of all these three fictional films mentioned, Queen the film kept its viewers best in its grip.

I found even more films located in Amsterdam from the pages like Wikipedia and iamsterdam and linked them on the Finnish post. But if, in addition to these, you happen to know about some other good Amsterdam based and English spoken or subtitled film, then do mention it in the comments section!

You might be also interested in reading my Trip to Bollywood and Hindi Cinema!

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