Bicycle rickshaw in Europe and India

This video I filmed tells you about various bicycle rickshaws in India and Europe. From India there are cities like Delhi, Chennai and Haridwar.

As I was building this video exhibition, I was surprised to realize that I had never seen a bicycle rickshaw on the road in Mumbai or Goa. In Mumbai I saw only rickshaws running on gasoline, but it could have been because I stayed mostly only in the heart of Mumbai as well as in the Bandra area. In Goa, on the other hand, I managed to see a bicycle rickshaw at the museum only. Think about that.

In the suburbs of Delhi, in the NCR, an ecological bicycle ride was still in use ten years ago for short trips like grocery shopping trips. In recent years, however, I have heard that bicycle rickshaws have disappeared from the street view of growing suburbs, and this is really unfortunate, because yes, riding a bicycle rickshaw can accommodate better than an auto rickshaw. On the other hand, the auto rickshaw will protect their passengers better, but in the summer heat bicycle ride is more airy.

While traveling in Europe I’ve managed to spot the bicycle rickshaw for example in Berlin, Rome and finally also a few years ago in Helsinki.

See the video from where else I found the bicycle rickshaw. When you like my social media channels, you help keeping this photo project going on and maybe sometime later you’ll even see a sequel to this bicycle rickshaw exhibition as well.

For we don’t want this ecological bicycle rickshaw to disappear from the street view of the world, or what do you think? Just choose your driver carefully, since I’ve never seen helmets around.

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