Silja Line’s Baltic Christmas buffet 2021

*pr-trip blog collaboration with Silja Line

Silja Line’s Christmas buffet was served for the first time, after a two-year corona break, at Silja Serenade’s Grande Buffet restaurant on 18th of November. I had the pleasure of being involved in filming the event, and my video below will tell you more about Silja’s Christmas treats this year.

Video Duration 3:15

Christmas buffet on the Silja Line M / S Silja Serenade

Silja Line’s Baltic Christmas buffet 2021

Silja’s head chef Anti Lepik praised that this Christmas vegan, mixed, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian are all sitting by the same table, where you can find the best Christmas flavors of the Baltic Sea.

Silja Line’s Baltic Christmas buffet 2021 includes local food and responsibility: herring of a Finnish fisherman Vento Aalto, pike from Lake Peipsi, traditional Swedish Christmas sausage and traditional Finnish Christmas ham.

I can not comment on the sausage or the ham from Silja’s buffet myself, because they are not part of my diet, and I haven’t learned to eat herring either, but for those who avoid read and white meat like me, there was also something to eat at Siljan Line’s Christmas buffet. Even completely vegan alternatives were found, such as Porkkala and vegan Christmas sausage, creamy coconut turmeric soup, Waldorf salad and chocolate raw cake.

Desserts at Silja Line Christmas buffet

As classic Finnish Christmas delicacies one was able to find e.g. marinated herring, gray-salted Christmas ham, a sweet potato box and a conecake. Of these Finnish Christmas delicacies I tasted only conecake and that crowned my entire Christmas meal. How confusing it was that since I’m a Finn and quite a Christmas fan, this was still the very first time in my life that I ate a conecake. This way Silja Line’s Christmas buffet became unforgettable.

The Swedish Christmas delicacies on the buffet were Skagen with rye bread, Swedish Christmas ham, meatballs and lingonberry with gingerbread.

As Estonian Christmas delicacies, the buffet included pork aladob, blood sausage, classic sauerkraut and cinnamon with vanilla sauce. Russian Christmas dishes offered salmon schoolbiac, shuba, wild mushroom salad and Russian cucumbers.

Silja’s Christmas buffet will be served until Christmas Day 25th December 2021 and it will cost 42 / 45e on Silja Serenade’s Helsinki-Stockholm route. The prize depends on whether you pay your meal beforehand or on the spot. On Silja’s other routes the Christmas buffet is a little cheaper.

Christmas decoration at Silja Line Grande Buffet

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