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Teapot and cake in Finnish cafe

Updated 3/2023

I am a passionate food traveler, both a videographer and a photographer, who loves to tell stories about cafés and restaurants around the world. In recent years, I have recorded many great tasting experiences on video and published them on my YouTube channel INDIVUETV. On my YouTube channel, you can find an inspiring playlist called “Restaurants and cafés around the world”, and it already contains more than 60 videos I’ve made. My goal is to publish many more new videos to it, so that at least the hundred mark is reached, maybe already this year, so do stay tuned and subscribe to the channel to get a notification as soon as a new video is published!

I want to encourage all my viewers and readers to go out again and enjoy a cup of tea or a good meal in a restaurant. The Covid19 years have been particularly challenging, so it is important to find joy and pleasure in the middle of everyday life.

On my channel you can get to know many different cafés and restaurants around the world. I have shot videos from India and Europe and traveled independently to different parts of the world to find the best taste experiences. I want to offer my viewers the opportunity to join these taste trips and experience different cultures and taste experiences for themselves.

My videos are music videos where I tell the story of a café or restaurant and the delicacies it offers. I want to create an atmosphere that takes the viewer on a journey and gives them the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and feeling of the place.

I believe that food tourism is one of the best ways to get to know new cultures and people. It opens our eyes to new taste experiences and gives us the opportunity to learn new things about different cultures.

I hope my channel and playlist will inspire you to get out and explore new places. Find new favorite cafés and restaurants in Finland and the rest of the world and enjoy good food and company. Have fun and let me take you on a taste trip around the world!

Restaurants and cafés in Europe and India

Take a taste trip around the world –

In addition to restaurants and cafés in Finland and especially in Helsinki, I have also traveled to Europe and India in search of delicious and inspiring destinations. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the 21st century, it was not possible to digitally store objects nearly as well as today, if at all. However, my playlist already has several incredible restaurants and cafés from different parts of the world, such as a café from Vienna known from a movie, a café from the beach of Goa, and some of the best Indian restaurants in Europe.

I am especially excited that I have also been able to photograph healthy options, such as restaurants and cafés that offer raw food, vegetarian food and gluten-free food. I strongly believe that food can be both delicious and healthy, and this collection shows how that is possible.

On my channel, you can also get to know the vegetarian and fish food offerings of well-known ship companies in Finland, so you can get tips for ship trips. And Helsinki’s great cafés and restaurants are also plentifully represented, including Thai and Middle Eastern cuisine, a cat café and an ice cream bar on wheels.

At least a Yemeni restaurant from Helsinki, a Finnish restaurant from Espoo, a café from Fiskars and a grill from Alavus have already made it to the playlist from Finland. In addition, there is a grill in Nurmijärvi and a Turkish restaurant, cafés in Porvoo and Turku, and several restaurants from Åland.

There are even more cafés and restaurants from Helsinki, such as a Thai restaurant and a Middle Eastern restaurant in Helsinki. Indian and Nepali restaurants can also be found, of course. In addition to Goa and India, by June 2022 I have managed to make restaurant videos, e.g. from Poland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Holland and Latvia. So subscribe to my channel and enjoy the taste journey!

My collection is full of unforgettable taste experiences that are sure to be interesting for everyone who is enthusiastic about food tourism. So if you want to go on a taste trip around the world, grab your ear buds and sit down comfortably to watch these wonderful videos. And good news: more great destinations are coming up!

Also check out my visual travel guides, you can find them in the attached links below –

Trip to Finland

Trip to Europe

Trip to Goa

Trip to India

Trip to Bollywood

You can read these visual travel guides also in Finnish language as well as also this post about the cafés and restaurants..

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