Here’s what Finnair’s Business Lounge is like

Finnair Business Lounge is designed to provide its passengers with a comfortable place to relax and enjoy their time before the flight. You will find Finnair Business Lounge at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland, offering a range of premium services to its customers. This lounge is aimed at providing a relaxing environment where travellers can unwind peacefully before or in-between their flights.

Travelers to the Non-Schengen area or the Schengen area have their own lounges at the Finavia airport. I tested the Business Lounge of the Non-Schengen area in September while I was traveling to India.

See below my short video from Finnair’s Business Lounge –

Late lunch at Finnair business lounge

What is the food like in Finnair Business Lounge?

The Finnair Lounge offered a meal with drinks and desserts, and in my experience the vegetarian option was tasty and filling. The meat option was chicken. For dessert there was for example very tasty raw cakes and gluten-free bread was arranged upon request, because the customer service in the kitchen was good. Watch my YouTube shorts video about the food they served in their buffet table.

How much does the Business Lounge cost?

Finnair’s Business Lounge offered also the possibility to take a shower, but I did not test that feature. In addition, the showers were behind locked doors, so you couldn’t even peek in there. But non-alcoholic drinks were made on request in the drink bar which had an inviting lighting, and I thought it was really worth testing. The price of the entire Business Lounge experience was approx. 55e.

Non-alcoholic drink at Finnair Business Lounge

Interestingly enough, next time I travel to a Non-Schengen area, I might not choose the Business Lounge. Because even though the space was peaceful and offered a great opportunity for almost undisturbed working, I still missed the Finavia airport’s large windows, bright spaces and those departing and arriving planes. And maybe a little bit of the hustle and bustle of the airport and all those travelers from around the world as well. In the Business Lounge where I was, there were no windows to outside, or at least the curtains weren’t open, so the smartphone was the only option for time pass.

Luckily, on the smartphone you can read and watch e.g. my e-book Trip to India!

You can read this post also in Finnish

How to travel from Helsinki center to the airport

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is within easy reach by train from Helsinki centre. Sure buses also take you there from Helsinki centre and Itäkeskus for example. Here you can watch my short video about traveling with public transport from Helsinki centre to the airport –

From the train station the long escalators lead you directly up to the stylish Finavia airport.

Local train and escalators to the Helsinki airport

Read more about traveling in Helsinki and Finland from my ebook Trip to Finland!

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