In Candolim, Goa

Candolim beach, Goa
In the end the flight from Mumbai to Goa was over two hours late. Sun was setting when we finally got on board. I was admiring the beautiful sunset and taking pictures of it with my phone camera, when the airhostess started to complain and told me to delete all the pictures I had taken. I thought it was only in Goa airport, where you weren’t allowed to take photographs.
Finally yesterday I got to wet my toes in the Arabian Sea. I enjoyed my tea in a beachshack, where I spent my time reading a good book until it was time for the sunset. Which was, beautiful.
The only negative thing here, and I mean the only, is the hard mattress in my bed. Otherwise I’m happy.
The weather is hot during daytime, but after a few days it will get cooler, say the locals. Nights are already rather cool – I’m almost freezing, when wearing a t-shirt only.
Quite a many tourists have arrived here. I was eating in a Chinese restaurant and the next table was having a conversation in Finnish.

At Chatrapati Shivaji domestic airport, Mumbai

Hello from Mumbai’s domestic airport.
Colaba was such a nice place that I would’ve liked to stay there longer , but I had bought my ticket to Goa beforehand. This flight was supposed to be after one hour, but the departure has been delayed for one more hour because of some technical problem… Surprise, surprise. (This is the cheapest flight to Goa, Spicejet.) Anyway, I happened to find one computer with internet, so I can well spend my time here.Yesterday I had a Mumbai-sightseeing with a taxi and I visited for example Mahatma Gandhi’s home, which is now a museum, Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya
I’ll tell you one funny episode that happened in one park opposite the Kamala Nehru Park. There were so beautiful butterflies in that park, so exotic, and I tried to photograph them, but they were always too quick to fly away. Then a group of young Indian men came to me and they suggested that I’d take a picture of them. I answered them politely that I’m photographing butterflies and moved on. After some time those guys came to me again and one of them was holding a living butterfly in his hand. I was impressed. When I was to take a photo of that butterfly, they insisted that they should come in the picture as well. What a plan. 🙂

Also I visited one art exhibition in Jehangir Art gallery. Outside Jehangir was a streetgallery, and an old gentleman Gani was having his exhibition there. He had some very fine watercolourpaintings of the sea. We chatted there for a long time, until it had come dark. I could have written an article about him, had I had time.
When I walked back to the hotel, I got lost twice in the dark. By the Gate of India I met another old Indian gentleman, who happened to have had a long career as a Mumbai-guide, and so he showed me the way back to my hotel, and while walking there he told me many interesting details along the way.

But now I have to go, since Goa‘s callin’…

Greetings from Mumbai

Mumbai 2005

I arrived in Mumbai early in the morning, little before sunrise. The flight went fine.
I had booked a hotelroom via internet and an airport-pickup from the hotel.
But there was no taxidriver with my nameboard waiting for me at the gate.
So I called to the hotel, and a speaking-louzy-English-man explained, that the taxidriver had not been able to come, because he was having some festival..
Oh well, I went to the prepaid-taxi-counter, and there was one Western guy, who had come from Germany with the same plane, and since we both were heading to Colaba, he suggested that we’d share a taxi. And so we did. It was Rs500 cheaper than the pickup this way. The sun was rising when we drove through Mumbai to Colaba.
First I went to the hotel, where I had booked the room, but since I didn’t like the room, I let them down as well and didn’t take it (karma works this way also!) The taxidriver knew another hotel from the nearby neighbourhood, and I went to see it, liked it, and stayed there. The room was even Rs100 cheaper than the first one, it had a nice view from the 4th floor over Mumbai to the sea, and I was able too see the sun rising and setting, as well as the top of Taj Mahal, which by the way in Mumbai is a hotel only..
Well, this is all from here for now – I went for a dinner, had a Dal Fry, and when I noticed an internetcafe, I decided to drop in, and drop a few lines for you.
It’s nice to be here in Mumbai. Luckily it is not as hot as in June.