The first decade of Salman Khan -movies 1988-1998 and music from them

All the Salman Khan -movies with most of the movie soundtracks from 1988-1998

All the Salman Khan -movies and music from the films from 1998-2008

Indian actor Salman Khan has been acting in Bollywood movies for a full 30 years now, which is a good reason to look back at his career and all the many great Bollywood movies he has been making. Find the movies from 1998-2008 here!

30 years of Salman Khan movies

(Affiliate-links are marked with * one star) Salman Khan is an Indian actor, born in 1965, known also as a film producer, and known to have a career in Hindi film industry in India for some 30 years by now. He is one of the most famous faces on the Bollywood screen. The name of theContinue reading “30 years of Salman Khan movies”