Art and traveltips for Amsterdam

Image of Van Gogh by his museum

(Updated 3/2023)

For some time now, I’ve been eager to write and paint about Amsterdam, and today is the day I finally get to share my experience. One of the highlights of my trip was taking a canal cruise in Amsterdam, which truly stole my heart with its stunning views and charming atmosphere.

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You can also start by watching some Hollywood or Bollywood movies filmed in Amsterdam.

Or see Amsterdam in less than one minute in the video I made.

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5 Unforgettable Scenes Captured Through an Unusual Lens

Presented here next are five random scenes from Amsterdam, captured through an unusual method that may explain any distortion in the images. The first photo features the iconic I amsterdam letters, a popular spot for tourists to snap a photo. The letters are situated by a large park not far from the Vincent Van Gogh Museum, which is depicted in the second photograph.

The third image showcases a random street in Amsterdam, with the focus on the unique zebra crossing painted on the road. The crossing differs significantly from those found in Finland and caught the photographer’s eye.

The fourth scene depicts Amsterdam’s grand train station, a beautiful reddish building that is hard to miss. Across the street from the station, visitors can find a tourist information bureau to assist them in their travels.

Finally, the fifth photo features a picturesque canal lined with beautiful and prestigious houses, with hints of yellow foliage signaling the arrival of autumn. These scenes offer a glimpse into the charm and character of Amsterdam, a city that never fails to captivate visitors with its beauty and energy.

I Amsterdam and tourists
I Amsterdam and tourists
The outer wall of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Random street Amsterdam
Random street Amsterdam
Trainstation, Amsterdam
Trainstation, Amsterdam
By the river in Amsterdam
By the river in Amsterdam

On the road in Amsterdam

This captivating video showcases the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, with an interesting coincidence occurring during filming. As the camera captured the bustling energy of the city, the renowned Bollywood singer Lata Mangeshkar happened to be singing on the radio, providing a serendipitous backdrop to the scene.

Mangeshkar is one of the most celebrated singers in Bollywood film history, having enjoyed a prolific career spanning several decades. Her soulful voice and emotive performances have earned her numerous accolades and a dedicated fan base both in India and around the world.

As the video takes viewers on a journey through the heart of Amsterdam, the uplifting sounds of Mangeshkar’s music serve as a reminder of the universality of music and its ability to connect people from all walks of life.

The next short video from Amsterdam tells about the queue to the Vincent Can Gogh museum. The museum delves into the life and work of the legendary painter Vincent Van Gogh, who did not have much audience in his art exhibitions when he was still alive and painting.

In 2017, a groundbreaking animation movie called “Loving Vincent” was released, featuring scenes that had all been painted with oil colors. The amount of work and effort put into creating this movie is truly admirable and deserves recognition.

However, for those seeking a deeper understanding of Van Gogh’s life, I recommend reading the book written by Irving Stone. This comprehensive biography offers a detailed and vivid account of the artist’s life, including his struggles, triumphs, and the enduring legacy of his work.

Van Gogh’s life and art continue to captivate people all over the world, and Amsterdam is one of the best places to explore his legacy. From the famous Van Gogh Museum to the charming cafes and streets that inspired his work, Amsterdam offers a wealth of experiences for art lovers and curious travelers alike.

Whether you’re a fan of Van Gogh’s work or simply interested in learning more about this iconic artist, I encourage you to visit Amsterdam and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history of this enchanting city.

And finally, let me present you my digital art inspired by Amsterdam and its canal.

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Photopainting inspired by Amsterdam canals

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