Taste trip around the world – Videos of restaurants and cafes

I’ve photographed restaurants and cafes around the world, or around Europe and India to be more specific, and I’ve made videos of them to tell you about mostly nice taste experiences I’ve had along the way. I’ve been posting music videos with cafe and restaurant theme on my YouTube channel for several years now and I’m building an inspiring playlist into my Youtube channel INDIVUETV called Restaurants and cafes around the world.

There are already 62 videos on that playlist and my goal is to make it altogether 100 music videos by the end of the year. I hope those videos will inspire my readers and viewers to go out again for a cup of tea or rice after two years of sitting at home because of corona. Join as a viewer and subscriber to see the latest videos as soon as they’re released!

Press play and let me take you on a taste trip around the world, to its cafes and restaurants in India and Europe!

Restaurants and cafes

A Yemeni restaurant from Helsinki, a Finnish restaurant from Espoo, a café from Fiskars and a grill from Alavus have already made it to this playlist from Finland. In addition, you will find also a grill from Nurmijärvi as well as a Turkish restaurant, some cafés in Porvoo and Turku and several restaurants in Åland.

There are even more cafés and restaurants from Helsinki, such as a Thai restaurant and a Middle Eastern restaurant. Indian and Nepali restaurants can also be found of course. Especially vegetarian food and gluten-free food stand out in my videos and video collection, as a tip for their consumers.

Well-known shipping companies, and especially their vegetarian and fish foods, are also featured well in my restaurant videos. In addition, several cafes from Helsinki, including the cat café and the ice cream rickshaw, have found their way into this delicious and inspiring video collection I made. So sit back and watch and get inspired – Lots of new videos are on their way from Finland and elsewhere from the world!

By June 2022 my restaurant and café -video collection has had a café known from a film which was shot in Vienna, a café from Goa, and the best Indian restaurants in Europe. In addition to Goa and India, I have made café and restaurant videos e.g. from Poland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Estonia, the Netherlands and Latvia by now. So do subscribe to my channel and enjoy the taste trip!

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Picturesque lunch in the restaurant Paven on the island of Pentala

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My latest YouTube video tells you about a delicious lunch in the stylish restaurant Paven, which is located on the island of Pentala in Espoo, Finland. The good thing about this location is that even if you don’t own yourself a boat, it is possible to reach this Pentala island during summer time by water bus. And after one year, when the metro station will come to Soukka in Espoo, it will provide a relatively easy access to the Soukka boat dock. From there one can take the local bus and short walk. And then finally the water bus, ie the scheduled archipelago boats of the city of Espoo, will take you to the island of Pentala.

Watch from the video below what the restaurant Paven and its delicious lunch with pike and potatoes looked like and how nicely the sun was shining and the sea glistening from the seaview windows. The dessert was decorated with edible flowers, which crowned the meal and proved that even sea buckthorn berries can be made tasting nice and sweet when you know to do it.

Video duration: 2:11

Restaurant Paven on the island of Pentala

The meal which you see in the video, included a starter drink and appetizers, main course made of pike and dessert of sea buckthorn, and the meal was almost gluten-free. Only 1/5 of the appetizers contained gluten. The meat in the appetizers was replaced with cheese on request and gluten-free bread was also arranged by the restaurant. The gluten-free beer which they offered was stunning and one of the best things enjoyed. Other unforgettable good taste experiences in this restaurant Paven were a greenish starter drink, the asparagus in the main course, and the gentle and visually impressive dessert which was decorated with sea buckthorn and edible flowers. The dessert was suitably sweet, not too much.

Restaurant Paven hosts many private events, but there will always be seats available at least on the terrace. More information can be found on restaurant Paven’s own website.

Restaurant Paven on the island of Pentala
Restaurant Paven on the island of Pentala

Pentala Archipelago Museum

In addition to the nature trail, there’s also the Pentala Archipelago Museum located next to Paven on the Pentala Island. The museum, which consists of several buildings, took you with its grandmother’s cottage somewhere to the time of the black-and-white films 100 years ago, telling about the life of the archipelago in Finland then. The grandmother’s cottage with its creaking floor, fireplace and other kitchen utensils were also reminding me of my own childhood summers in the countryside. The Pentala Archipelago Museum is a museum card destination and it is open during the summer season. Find more information from the City of Espoo website.

Archipelago museum Pentala, Espoo, Finland
Pentala Archipelago Museum

Find the timetable of scheduled archipelago boats in Espoo here.

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Studying beer making in Åland

*pr-trip with Visit Åland and Tallink | Silja

Åland is an autonomous and demilitarized region of Finland, an island in between Finland and Sweden, next to Southwest coast of Finland. Åland will become 100 years old next month and that gives me a good reason to remember my filming of the beer making in Åland one year back.

This video I made tells you about the restaurants, distillery and brewery in Åland, in 2021. Please, no comments on alcohol.

Video duration 5:20

Beer making, distillery and brewery in Åland

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Companies you will see in this video are as follows:


Åland distillery



Some items which you can see in Åland and the video
Some items which you can see in Åland and the video

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