Best Indian restaurants in Europe

My search for the best Indian restaurant in Europe was stopped for years because of Covid19, but the video below will tell you some of them best restaurants in Europe before 2020 and before the Corona.

Finland deserved to be in the top5. Unfortunately, however, I need to mention that I left out the India House restaurant, which should have been on this video, because that restaurant seems to have ceased its restaurant operations in Helsinki. And as a side note, it is not the only Indian restaurant in Helsinki that has closed down in the last year. It is really unfortunate that almost all the best Indian restaurants in Helsinki have been closed. Luckily, there is at least one good restaurant in this video.

Hopefully all the other good Indian restaurants in Europe have survived Corona and are still able to delight their customers.

Italy, the pizza land, and Latvia, the caféteria land, did not, for example, reach on this list, but check the video below to find some of them best restaurants in Europe! The criterion here was not the appearance of the restaurant but the taste of the good Indian vegetarian food.

Video Length: 4:31

Best Indian restaurants in Europe before Covid19

Over the years, I’ve written many blogposts and videos about Indian restaurants in Europe in both Finnish and English, to inspire them traveling foodies. Many of these Indian restaurants like Golden Tikka, Monal, Mr. India, Maharadscha and Shiva have also ended up as an article in my ever-growing online ebook INDIVUE – Trip to Europe, which is also published in Finnish. Enjoy these books and the video!

Here’s what the shahi paneer looked like in one of the best Indian restaurants

Cherry trees blossoming in Helsinki, Finland

If you have ever wondered, when do cherry trees blossom in Finland, the answer in 2022 is May.

Cherry blossoms

Japanese Garden, Helsinki

Roihuvuori, Helsinki

Cherry flowers

Cherry blossoms

You can reach this Cherrypark, Kirsikkapuisto in Roihuvuori Helsinki by taking a metro towards East from the central railway station and then get off in Herttoniemi. Continue with bus 80 or 82 and get off on the third stop. Read more about traveling in Helsinki from INDIVUE – Trip to Finland.

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Agra exhibition in Instagram by a Finnish travelblogger and a photographer

Here’s a little virtual exhibition of the Indian traveldestination Agra by a Finnish travelblogger and photographer. You can watch this full exhibition in Instagram in a shareable guide format and you may share the guide link to your traveling friend.

See the Red Fort and Taj Mahal in Agra, and the parks of Red Fort and the tiles of Taj Mahal. See Taj Mahal in the morning, daytime and night –

Read and watch more traveling in Agra and India from my virtual guiding exhibition INDIVUE – Trip to India. Also in Finnish at