Juhu Beach 10/09/06

Juhu Beach 10/09/06


Juhu Beach is one of the best known and popular beaches of Mumbai. Water in Juhu beach is not suitable for swimming.


They say that nearby this beach live some famous Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan.

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

In horizon India and morning 09/09/06

This pic has been taken from the plane when the sun begins to rise after flying all night towards India.

Helsinki – Abu Dhabi – Mumbai 08/09/06

This pic has been taken from Etihad Airways, on the way from Helsinki to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi.
Etihad Airways is the best and the most luxurious airplane I’ve flown with.

Goa, India, and a guide for travel: Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst


India is well-known as a spiritual country, and it attracts people interested in things alike.

The saying goes that, in country like India,
anything is possible –

So, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, when you travel there.

Whereas my blogwritings seem to be just praising Goa / India,
it’s better keep one’s feet on the ground, once the plane has landed,
since though Goa does remind one of a paradise,
the good comes with the bad. Anywhere, it seems.

But let me not reminisce about the bad more than this.

“Whatever happens, happens for good” –
When you’re being honest and sincere.

India Express in Helsinki, Finland

After returning to Helsinki, I found out for my joy,
that India is present here, in a form of India Express -exhibition in Tennispalatsi Artmuseum as well as “Passage to India” -exhibition in the neighbouring Museum of Cultures.

Went to see the exhibition straight away, got a kind of a soft landing back to West.

I recommend these exhibitions, of course. They will tell you a lot what I’d like to tell.
But let me say, that the only one black goddess statue there isn’t at all as “scary” as
what they were in those temples in India..

Back in Finland














Safe and sound.

In Mumbai again

In Mumbai again

My last days in India are at hand –
I’ve already spent a couple of nights in Mumbai, and soon I’ll be flying back to Finland.

Weather here now is hot, but bearable,
especially if you have an AC-room.

. . .

I wouldn’t want to leave. But I can’t stay either.

At Nariman Point, Mumbai, India
Sitting the evening at Nariman Point, Mumbai

The Drivinglesson

Don’t know what they teach you in the Indian drivingschools, or how many people go there for some another reason than just to show how well they know to drive, in order to get a drivinglicense. My unofficial and all comprehensive drivinglesson  I got in India sounded something like this:
“There are two essential factors in traffic: Understanding (of who wants to overtake you) and judgement (of your sides and your speed). There are no rules and regulations when you come on the road – you just drive normally.”
So, shortly and concisely put. The lane is left, so, there you go!

P.S. I’d like to add one essential thing, which is the cows – So it’s like, whenever they are coming on the road or when they are there already, they always have the priority to go. And if an oncoming car is flashing the lights, it is a sign that it wants to go first (for example to cross a narrow bridge), whereas horning doesn’t necessarily mean that somebody’s blocking the way, since it is also a way to greet other people. And so it does sound like there are friends around there every corner..

Holi 15.3. in Goa

Holi is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus. It is the festival of colours. You better not wear your best outfit in a Holi-day, when those colourpowders fly in the streets of India, result being multi-yellow-red-green-violet-coloured on people’s face, clothes and hair.
Because this multicoloured festival is at it’s best from the morning till the midday, I missed the biggest colourhulabaloo this time. Sure, in the afternoon, while driving to the near-by village, there were many colourful Goans passing me by on the road. And while in the village, I happened to meet one small Holiparade. When I stopped in order to take photos of them, I didn’t have much to say when they attacked on me with their colourpowders. Colouring my forehead violet, cheeks blue-and-green…

Raspberries in Ayurveda

“Rasberries are sweet, slightly sour and astringent and cooling with a pungent vipaka. They stimulate vata and calm kapha dosha. Pitta can eat them occasionally.
Never eat more than two handfuls of raspberries at a time, because it may cause vomiting.
Do not eat milk, yogurt or cheese with raspberries as it may cause hemorrhoids, ulcers and skin diseases.
1. For burning urination, eat about 20 raspberries with 1 teaspoon rock candy powder or natural sugar sprinkled over them and then drink 1 cup of water. This may help to stop the burning sensation and inflammation of the urinary tract.
2. In cases of bleeding gums, hemorrhoids of profuse menstruation, try chewing about 10 to 20 raspberries, 2 or 3 times a day, on an empty stomach.
3. In any bleeding disorder, drink 1 cup of raspberry juice with a pinch each of ground cumin and ground fennel to help slow down the bleeding.”

Quote from Usha Lads and Dr. Vasant Lads book Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-healing.